University of Toronto International Scholarship

University of Toronto International Scholarship.

The University has comprehensive scholarship programs that recognize outstanding achievement at different levels of study. The University, its colleges, faculties, and divisions award approximately 4,500 admission scholarships that total nearly $20 million and nearly 5,000 in-course awards each year.

The University of  Toronto is ranked very high in the global rankings. In the 2018 World University Rankings, it is ranked 37th in the whole world. In the USNews Rankings, it is ranked 21 globally. In the Times rankings, it is ranked 22nd globally. This university has ranked consistently in the top 50 best universities in the world which means that it is in the top 0.1% best universities in the world!

These high global rankings from the major university ranking systems translate into the high academic standards of this university. It offers the highest quality education to all students in a variety of fields such as engineering, science, and humanities. So do you want to study at one of the best universities in the world?

Keep in mind that studying at a top 50 best university is only for the best. University of Toronto scholarships are probably the hardest scholarships in Canada to get. However, if you do receive the scholarship, you will be rewarded by having the best professors and curriculum.

University of Toronto International Engineering Scholarships

  • Scholarship amount – $20,000 renewable for four years
  • Number of Recipients – 17
  • Eligibility – International students pursuing engineering at the University of Toronto
  • Application Procedure – There’s no separate application. You just need to submit your admissions application to Engineering department.

How To Apply

For now, the university has not published its’ method of awarding scholarships for international students.

However, we urge you to always be on this platform for latest news University of Toronto Scholarship wards.

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