Most Popular Social Media – An Overview of Top 18 Most Used Social Network.

Most popular social media in the globe is the subject of this discourse.

Are you concerned about the top most popular social media and their reviews? if YES!, then you are at the right place.

This review is very important and necessary for you, this is because whether you ‘re a social media marketer, business owner, investor, academician, politicians, preacher, etc. This review help stage you to billions of people who could become your future customers, audience, supporters, etc. It will also help you to target the right audience on the right social media platform. Furthermore. For instance, some social media platforms, may not be popular or perhaps available in your region or favorite languages. Therefore for your to select a particular social media platform to invest or engage your potential customers, audience, supporters, followers, etc. you need to go through this review.

Statistics on usage and membership By Statista.

Name Of Social MediaNumber Of Users In MillionType of Social Media.
1. Facebok 2,375News, social networking service.
2. YouTube 2,000 Video hosting service
3. WhatsApp 1,600 Instant messaging and social media
4. Facebook Messenger 1,300 Instant messaging and social media
5. WeChat 1,112Instant messaging client and social media
6. Instagram 1,000News, Instant messaging and social media
7. QQ 823Instant messaging
8. QZone 572 Social network service
9. Tik Tok 500Video sharing
10. Sina Weibo 465 Microblogging
11. Twitter 330News, social networking service
12. Reddit 330Social news
media aggregation
13. Baidu Tieba 320 Bulletin Board Service
14 LinkedIn 310 Social networking service
15. SnapChat 294 Photo sharing Instant messaging Video chat Multimedia
16. Pinterest 265 Visual discovery, collection, and storage tool
17. Viber 260 Instant messaging client, VoIP
18. Discord 250 VoIP communications, instant messaging, Videoconferences, content delivery, and social media

In the same way, Statista is a German online portal for statistics. Hence Statista makes data collected by market and opinion research institutes and data derived from the economic sector and official statistics available in English, French, German and Spanish. So Statista is one of the most successful statistics databases in the glob.


In summary, a social network is a website or software application. Hence the website or software application allows registered users with similar interests to come together and share a common interest. In addition, registered users can also chat, share information, photos, and videos together. Therefore, platform helps users to build their relation, business, and even meet up with new opportunities. It is therefore imperative for a prospective social media user to know the type of social network that would best fit his purpose of joining the online social group.

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