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Here is a brief review about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service. Meanwhile, this service operates through websites and mobile apps. So this website or app as the case may be, show-cases users professional identity to the general public who may need them.

Meanwhile, this American business and employment-oriented service is mostly used for professional networking.

A professional network service is a type of social network service that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature rather than including personal, nonbusiness interactions.

Examples of such professional network service are:

1. Employers posting jobs vacancies online.

2. Job seekers posting their CVs online.
CVs or curriculum vitae is a written overview of someone’s life’s work or a complete record of someone’s career.

3. Job seekers writing a review of themselves and others for the purpose of being recommended and employed for new jobs, etc.

Founders of LinkedIn.

This American Social networking service website was first founded on December 28, 2002, at Mountain View, California, U.S.

The founders of this service website are:

  • Reid Hoffman is an American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn.
  • Allen Blue is one of the co-founders of the company.
  • Konstantin Guericke confounded the company with other entrepreneurs.
  • Eric Ly is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded LinkedIn. Eric Ly has also served as the founding chief technology officer of the company. But he is currently the CEO and founder of a blockchain-based trust protocol Hub.
  • Jean-Luc Vaillant also co-founded the company.

Features of LinkedIn.

Registered users can be and to edit, manage and even delete their LinkedIn account. Apart from the opportunity that registered the users (both workers and employers) have to create profiles and connect to each other in an online social network, which will, in turn, encourage their real-world professional relationships, there are other numerous advantages that are enshrined in using the LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is a platform where:

  • Job searchers search for latest job opportunities.
  • Job seekers also use it to follow the latest trend in the employment industries and also to connect to their dream business contacts, stay up to date with their favorite companies, etc.
  • People make business contacts.
  • Registered users get the latest industry news.
  • People search for new business opportunities around the globe.
  • People build their network, increase the success of their brand or business, and launch their job vacancies.
  • Jobs opportunities are easy to find.
  • People create they’re outstanding profiles and make it visible to the public for the purpose of securing industrial chances and business contracts.
  • Many Job recruiters, professionals, industry experts, job search tools, and career opportunities are available at your fingertips, etc.

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In summary, LinkedIn is one of the most used social networks in the globe.

Meanwhile, this American business and employment-oriented service(LinkedIn) helps registered users to search for latest job opportunities, to connect with business associate, get the latest industry news, get latest employment guidlines, build their network, increase the success of their brand or business, and launch their job vacancies etc.
Employers also publishes their notice of employment/job vacancies on this social net work. This social network is available in iOS and Andriod devices, users can also access this social network the window devices.

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