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Scholarships are awards given to students as an encouragement or incentive to further their academic activities. So scholarships are not meant for all students. There are certain categories of people that are qualified to secure scholarships. Usually, the criteria for determining the qualifications of students to secure scholarships are always based on their past academic performance. Thus, a student who had performed poorly in the past may have limited chances of securing scholarship grant. On the other hand, a student who has done excellently well in his past academic levels is in fact more likely to secure scholarships more than the ones that have not performed better.

So the above being the case, we are going to outline the criteria for the grants of Brandon Goodman scholarship.

Origin of the Brandon Goodman scholarship

The “BG Scholarship” was created in memory of Brandon Goodman.

Verifiable history has it that on Nov. 2, 2003, Brandon Goodman moved to Hawaii to surf and seek adventure. So Brandon Goodman later died on Dec. 20, 2003, at the age of 23, shredding up a wave on Oahu beach, doing what he loved to do. Brandon Goodman had a real passion for life and in his memory, offers this scholarship so he will live on.

About Brandon Goodman scholarship

The Brandon Goodman scholarship is a special type of scholarship that is offered to both national and international students in the field of research. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist the students to study or research in a particular field. So there are different types of scholarships offered by Brandon Goodman. They offer internships for international students, fully funded scholarships for national and international students, university based scholarships, etc.


The issue of qualification will take the central stage of our discussion on this page. This is because, Brandon Goodman scholarship is a special form of grant that is awarded to students that have made some outstanding differences in their field of study. Outstanding so to say, does not imply that the person must be a genius or a first class student, but the person must nevertheless be intelligent as to be able to utilize the opportunity afforded by the scholarship to work hard.

So the scholarship is available to students in high school and also students currently enrolled in college. The benchmark for the application for the scholarship is that an applicant must be a student of a high school otherwise a student that is admitted in the college.

Now that you have known the above conditional requirement, here are other qualifications that you must also have;

  • You must have a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Be a U.S. citizen or international
  • International student that is enrolled in school in the USA is not required to be eligible for this award.

Brandon Goodman Scholarship Application website

Although so-many website have published about the application procedures for this scholarship, it is advisable you get the original information from their official website. The official website of Brandon Goodman Scholarship is This is the website you can get the application link. Other website like ours, have only publish the application procedures and requirement.

Scholarship Deadline

Usually, application for Brandon Goodman scholarship ends on 30th September Every year. Although there are always instances where the deadline for the application of the scholarship usually change. But to be on the safer side, prospective applicant should always be visiting their official website for latest update on the scholarship application. It is by doing so that you can get a prior notice on the application deadline of the scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

The essence of this scholarship is to encourage the students to further their academic activities. So it is not a fully-funded scholarship. A beneficiary of this scholarship may by entitled to $300 annually, non-renewable. But a successful applicant can reapply for the scholarship again. Where such an applicant who though have benefited from the scholarship, apply and become successful again, nothing deters him/her from securing another $300 annual fee, non-renewable.

Number of award offered annually

The platform for a long time now have maintain a track record in offering not less than 12 award to students annually. This is a great fit especially in helping the students achieve their dream. So we are optimistic that as time goes on, that the foundation will increase her responsibility thereby giving more grant to more students annually.


Brandon Goodman Scholarship is a special form of scholarship. This scholarship was created in memory of Brandon Goodman. Brandon Goodman is a young man who died at the age of 23 shredding up a wave on Oahu beach. He died doing what who love. And today, the scholarship in his memory is used to empower at least 12 students both nationally and internationally. The beneficiaries of the scholarship program are entitled to $300 annual grant, non-renewable. And to be qualified to apply, a student must be a student of in high school or college. Such a student must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA. Application platform is their official website

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