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Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites

Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites…

If you have been searching all through the internet for the Best Free and Legal Music Download websites on the internet, here is the about the top music downloading websites on the internet that you would like to download from.

What I find truly amazing is that by the 21st-century people forgot that anything that the computer shows can be saved. Text, images, sound, movies. As long as your device shows it, you can save it, just like in the old days but better.

In the old days, the radio played a song and we connected the output of the radio to a magnetic tape recorder and saved it for later use. There was nothing illegal about it as long as we saved it for ourselves. The TV played something and we connected the output of the TV to a video recorder for later use. There was nothing illegal about recording a TV show or a movie because it was aired at a time you could not watch it. So we saved it to watch later.

Meanwhile, today, every single computer is a library, a TV set, a tape recorder, a video recorder, a photo camera and a video camera in one. Everything that it shows and plays can be saved for later use as simple as that. Yet, for some mysterious reason, everyone forgot about this and everyone thinks that downloading is the only way.

But the truth is that no downloads are legal as long as the material is copyrighted.

So the answer: there are no free and legal download sites for copyrighted material and there will never be.

The general rule is that, If you want copyrighted material for free, it would be illegal. But if you want it for value, provided it is from a licensed website, it is legal.

Have seen now that almost all the online download is illegal.

Fun enough, there are numerous copyright laws both at the international, regional and national levels that regulate the copyrights of content owners, but unfortunately, some of these laws are very difficult to enforce.

The bottom line is that when the people’s content is published online for commercial purposes, the law deems it to be illegal.

For now, there is no Legal Music Download Sites

WapTrick is one of the top download wap sites

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